Bulgaria to Have 146-km Wire Fence along Border with Turkey in 2 Months

Bulgaria: Bulgaria to Have 146-km Wire Fence along Border with Turkey in 2 Months

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov and Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova look at SUVs donated by the UK to Bulgarian Border Police to patrol border with Turkey, 22 May 2016. Photo credit:


In about two months Bulgaria will have a wire fence built along 146 km of the country’s border with Turkey, preventing illegal migration flow, Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has said.

Bachvarova, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev on Saturday inspected the entire length of the fence built so far along Bulgaria’s border with Turkey.



Bulgarian citizens must feel safe; the fence practically leaves no opportunity for unauthorized crossing of the border, even at terrain-friendly sections, Bachvarova told the media during the inspection tour.

Bulgaria shares a 250-km land border with Turkey, part of it passing through rugged terrain in Strandzha Mountain.

Bulgaria protects the European Union’s external border as efficienly as if it were member of the EU’s free-travel Schengen Zone, Borisov told the media.

Borisov highlighted the importance of the readmission agreement with Turkey and thanked British Prime Minister David Cameron for the donation of 40 SUVs to Bulgarian Border Police for patrolling the border.

Under the agreement, Bulgaria will be able to send back to Turkey irregular migrants who have crossed the common border from the start of next month.



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